I love Birthday money... Thank you Ma & Pa G for the $50 designated for yarn

Bagging It

Content: 100% Virgin Wool
Brand: Reynolds Lite-Lopi
Color: 0422 [Green] | Color: 0434 [Red] (The Red isn't really that bright, but it is a really nice bright red)
Project Idea: I'm going to collect this type of yarn until I have enough to felt into a project bag.

Clogging It

Content: 100% Wool
Brand: Ella Rae Classic
Color: Unknown # [Putty Grey] (1/2 a ball, split with Rach) | Color: 106 [Burgundy] (2 balls) | Color: 38 [Cranberry] (oops, this isn't the same as 106?!?!? Sh*t)
Project Idea: I'm going to make felted clogs from the Fiber Trends pattern, I of course need to buy another Burgundy since I didn't look close enough in the store, doh! Do you see the difference in color, it's really slight and I may try and make it work but we'll see.

Socking It

Content: 60% Superwash Wool | 25% Mohair | 15% Nylon
Brand: Bearfoot Mountain Colors Hand Painted Yarns
Color: Northern Lights
Project: Well hopefully knee high socks, I only could afford one of these balls at $21.00 a skein, so lets hope. I'm going to knit two at one time so that if I run out it will be at the same spot and I can just continue on with a different skein. I need to get a scale so I can evenly split this.


This was all purchased at the LYS 3 Kittens


[These mean I named the color, for there was a lack of a name]


Cabling It

I almost forgot my new cable needle, I like the metal ones but with how many stitches I was flip flopping (C8B) I was worried I would break my needle so I tried this and liked it much better. Way more sturdy, my metal ones I think will be nice for socks.

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