Why is it that every SCA event that our family goes to is freezing cold??? Anywho, we got to the event around noon, the directions got us lost but we eventually found our way. I wish we had set up the kids in the common area instead of fighting so I could socialize more, lesson learned. For $1.00 I got a drop spindle, it looks like its only worth a buck but hopefully it will work. I knit for the two hours to the event only to find out that I didn't decrease fast enough and had to rip back on T's mitt. Fortunately there was a life line. Green Jenny had a beautiful dress that I covet to make, she said it was a pattern that is just passed around in Nordskogen or was that Northshield?!?! Anywho, if you know the pattern could you help me to attain a copy so I can make me some, they look comfy and versatile and breastfeeding friendly. I would even where the head piece if it didn't give me a headache. Sorry about the lack of pics, they're coming and also for the babble but that's what this is for right.

On other SCA news, we are going to Lupercalia on the 17th of this month and Gulf Wars in MS in March, anyone else out there going? I didn't know who to pre-reg under group wise so I just did Stromfels. Hopefully we can set up near some Northshielders.

Well C4 is crying for food, so I should go.


  1. Was that Tournament of Chivalry? I went to a ToC a few years ago with David & Adelheid, and that day was bitterly cold, too. Everything is just harder in that kind of weather. I stayed home and knit and watched Pinky & the Brain. I've finally finished the endless knotwork section, and am now happily doing stockinette stitch.

  2. I know the pattern she means and I do have a copy of that, however I think you would be happier if we fit you with your own pattern. I did this for Lynea and she was able to wear her gown through the majority of her pregnancy.
    Besides this would be the more priod method and will get you the best results. (there I go being all Pyxis again) This is the fitting direction that I used and they work very well!