TSG Big Swap Reveal

Quoting my post on the Thank You thread for March.
OKay so i needed to post this before bed, I went to go get the mail just a little while ago (i realize that is very late for such things but eh) So I go and there is a large and heavy package, SQUEE, i come on to the nets and start talking with the ladies that hang out at lingr as I’m opening and doing a little strip tease of pressies for them all. So I start with a wonderful card and darn it all no name, sneaky sneaky. So i start going through all the fun stuff top to bottom, Lovely lovely lovely yarn Fiddlesticks Knitting JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk that I just about had a mess over and have wanted for you know forever, oh and its in the colorway Cinnabar, yumm. There is a note in the card that says the yarn is for a pattern in a book, but we havent gotten to that. Next is a yummy looking raspberry drink mix with gummy worms on top, how did you know i love gummy worms. after that a nostepinne, I was just talking to kdyorkie about them and so Squee! Then I see this cute little blank book, which I love, and under that a patch with a dragon on it, and under that Chinese Dragons Tattoos, i’m really loving this lady now! So i keep digging and what do i find in a ziplock baggy but the cutest darn dragon I’ve ever seen in my favorite color no less. And if this isn’t enough I keep going to find that I am now the proud owner of the book Glam Knits , I open said book and go to the designated page (page 125) and what is there but a card with Bran-tastic ‘s name on it. There she is ladies and gentlemen the one and only greatest gift giver swap buddy in the whole darn world and the rest of you can just cry in your soup because my gal is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! And to not end there under this wonderful book that i may take to bed with me cause i’m so happy (and the yarn, did i say yumm) is a beautiful pattern called Pyewacket, which i’m so excited to knit now, i love socks, and there might be even more because I guess i’m supposed to email about some possible pdf cause I havent been absolutely friggin’ spoiled already. Now I know there is some jealousy but you will all have to get over it because like i said I got the best there was and no one can argue this point. I will post a picture tomorrow for you all to drool over, just becareful of your computers we dont want any accidents. Again thank you thank you thank you thank you Bran-tastic you sneaky little devil and onesweettart for choosing the little devil for me :D. SQUEE

PS to Bran-tastic I love olive green too, plus all of the other greens and their complimentary colors but olive green is a great one.

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