I'm sick of the mess...

I'm done. I think spring is actually coming because my mess is driving me batty, time for some spring cleaning organizing. Plus I may be getting a nanny for the kids, so why would I be in search of a nanny you may ask?

I may be getting a job, a real full time job. My dad said there was an opening at the TCF in the cities and it might be a job I would like. So I gave the head of the department a call and she was very nice and seemed to like me. Then I got an email from her saying she was sending my information to HR. Now I have an interview with HR tomorrow and I'll be possibly getting the job. I need to get my resume finished up but other than that, I don't know I'm nervous. I haven't worked for around 4 years now and I don't know how I feel about leaving my kids with a stranger.

So I'm looking for a nanny, someone that can kind of keep them in their routine while helping them get to pre-school, the pre-school I want them to go to. I really want to work but I really want to do right by my kids too.

And now off I go to get our house in shape because even if there is no nanny in the future and I dont get the job, the house more organized would really be nice.

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