One of Those......

So you ever just have one of those days, you know the kind where everything is just a little off. That was definately my day today. That would be including the Warning ticket I got on my way home for doing 38 in a 25, oops. I definitely need to watch that, I know better in my town, the cops have nothing to do for crime until a little more liquid courage is down some more throats, so at this time its perfect for getting hit with speeding. Fortunately, I think the monkeys saved me, all their questions and me answering, it had to be funny to him. I think I'm going to go shower and go to bed now, I obviously need to sleep and get to tomorrow or at least later tonight when the T-man gets home.

PS I thought I should clarify for all those used to seeing me tonight. I went to my parents to have dinner and in hopes of watching the children, but that wasn't an option. The parents are packing for vacation and finishing up on some chores and my kids were whiny as all get out, so I wasn't going to dump them all on my sis after not even being home a week yet.

PPS Random beeping chime-y noises are annoying when you can't figure out where they are coming from because your to stupid to figure out it's the computer/web page that is pulled up.

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