Fleece Need

So I'm figuring out this spinning thing when I look in my basket and realize that I'm almost out of my first fleece, huh oh. So I take a look at the finances and maybe after my pay from last weekend I can order some but maybe not, I may have to just wait, grr. I did stop at the lys and get a 4 oz ball for $6.00, I don't know though if that's a good price, it's not super soft but its romney, just plain white. After thats gone I'm out, and that's a sad thought, I'm going to have to ration it all out. I am improving though, I started with bulky to lace to bulky again and now I'm more of a sport worsted to lace fingering weight. Need to keep up the predraft.

I'm definately looking forward to this next week, I'm going to Monday fiber night and Thursday knit night, no if, ands, or buts about it. T will finally be off of 3-11 so I can go and leave the babes behind.

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