Border Skirmish IV

The family went to Illinois this weekend for Border Skirmish, it was pretty good. We got to the hotel at around 12:30a and the girls didn't settle down and sleep until 3ish, so little sleep was had. T fought well, Northshield crushed the Middle Kingdom. I bought some color books to copy for the kids to have some period-esque coloring sheets. I also got some pretty cards for my card weaving loom for after I've learned and they then look more period than big white cardboard cards and I got a little satchel filled with Baking Soda, Borax and Cinnamon scent for T's armour bag. We went to court, it was good, the girls got restless so we left a little early. I spent a big chunk of the day with EKat, a very nice lady that I'm excited to see at WW, I got a lot of chatting in with people, that was nice. We left for home later than we would have liked and had dinner at Steak n' Shake, We were officially on the road by 8p and were home by 12:30a, unloaded the kids and went to bed. Sunday, we spent in Hudson and home, spending too much money at Target, Fleet Farm, County Market, and "Time to Sew". We're buying stuff to prepare for WW, I'm going to make the monkeys diaper covers for if it gets too hot and hubby and I are going to be making a quick shade fly.

Sorry no pics were taken on my end, we were in a bad place to take pics of the fighting and I was so busy with the monkeys that I just never thought of it.

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