Some update babbling...

Sorry to the few of you that check in here that I haven't been writing much. Life has been a bit crazy hectic lately. The Girls are trying to get back into their schedule and aren't really enjoying going back to it, but at the same time I think they might be and just don't want to admit it. We are hopefully getting a fence soon so that we can go out during the day when C4 is sleeping, maybe they'll sleep better then, and eventually C4 will want to be out there too.

I have been knitting, I had to rip back T's hat again and now I have a tangled mess because I'm trying to separate the strands, I had doubled up for the gloves. I need to get a swift so I can wind the other skeins of the Cascade 220 for the hat instead. I've also been working on my socks, they are taking forever to get to the toe decreases on the first one, I want to try and get it done and the 2nd started soon, I'm going to set a goal of April 4th to wear for the Yarn Harlot's arrival. Which means I should get knitting.

I love the weather we are having now, it is beautiful, a bit warm in our closed up room for sleep but I'll live with the way spring is turning out. I would have some pics of some of my flowers popping up through the ground but the camera is officially broken. *pout* I have to send it in.

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