My very own Thundersnow

So I'm changing diapers and such, my normal daily routine, and *FLASH*. Hey, what was that? Did another light bulb go out? No, it isnt any darker. Hey wait is that thunder I here, I thought we were in the middle of a snow storm.

Well needless to say, I honestly never thought I would get to witness such an event even though the YH had spoken of it just recently in Canada. Now I know I'm not that far from there, here in Wisconsin, but I still thought she was lucky and I would never experience such a thing. And yet here it was, Thundersnow.

Thank you YH for saying something about it so that when it did happen here I recognized it. We have a train track not to far away and if the children were screaming at the right level I might have missed it.


Now the lights are dimming slightly and going back, I hope the power stays on, our power company sucks. I've had more issues in my brand new home in the last 5 years keeping the power on than I did the many more years growing up in a partially over 100 year old farm house. Crazy.


  1. While I haven't heard any in recent years, the big Halloween snowstorm of '91 had significant thunder and lightening. It was pretty cool.

    Good luck weathering the snow!

  2. Did it? I don't remember that.I remember that it started out quite warm, and then got colder as the storm went on. The commute into work this morning was miserable, and going home will probably be much worse. Yech.

    I have a coworker who grew up around here, but spent the last couple of decades in the Southwest. He's very excited by the snowy weather, and his glee is pretty hard for the rest of us to take.