She loves me, She really, really loves me . . .

Rachel is such a doll, she happened to have a extra ball of yarn jump into her basket in my favorite colors and decided that she had no choice but to bring it home and pass it on. I've already wound it into a cake, mmm cake, I know what I'll be knitting after my knee highs :D Man I love my friends. She also let me use her 25% off coupon at Borders, I forgot mine. I also had a 10% off day to use so I really got 35% on one book and 10% on the other. I used it on a book for my hubby cause he really wanted this book and was feeling down about some work crap, so I got it for him plus a new coffee mug from *$s for only $7.00. And I purchased for myself this, drool. I can't wait to knit from it.

Can't wait to meet Ms. Harlot :D

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