Thursday Knitting Group

So I went to my Thursday night knitting group in Woodbury. Much fun was had. I had dinner with Rachel L. first at Chipotle. We got to watch some people be surrounded by state troupers (4 to be exact) and two small SUVs got hauled off on tow trucks. One of the cop cars had died so it needed to be jumped. And one of the SUVs, when I drove up, had all it's contents strewn about behind it in the parking lot. There were two guys and a girl, the guys had handcuffs and the girl didnt, I found that to be odd. In the end it looked like some kind of citations were given out and the boys eventually got to lose the cuffs. I dont know what it was all about but I suspect drugs of some sort. Who knows.

Anyways, then off to Michael's, a craft store, where I perused the knitting section, and found some pretty washcloth cotton for some projects that are stiring in my brain. :D Then off to knitting group, where not much knitting happened and lots of talking did. Its nice to get out once in awhile and talk to other adults without having to worry about your kids. Dont get me wrong, I love my girls, but a small break every other week is well needed. Sometimes I wish it was every week, but my SCA meeting conflict, and I have to go to those because I hold two offices. So every other week it is. I don't even mind other people's kids being around, as long as I dont have to run after my own for a bit.

I left late as usual, I try to leave at 9pm and always endup leaving a 1/2 hour later. Argh. Then off to Blockbuster to drop off movies that are overdue, then over to Wal-mart for a new broom and the yarn I need for my Mom's x-mas/yule gift.

Now I believe its time for bed, but we'll see, since lately midnight to 12:30 seem to be when I finally get calledto bed.

More knitting and SCA later.

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