Power Outage & hearing test

So we had a big storm last night, or at least big enough to kill the power. Grr. I guess lightning hit a transformer, and killed the power in our part of town. Then this morning after all is supposedly fixed, it goes out again, just as the girls are waking up and getting ready for that whole breakfast thing. Of course, with the power being out, no scrambled eggs, just cherrios and raisins. I was even scared to open the fridge too much because the power had been out so many times and for so long. The storm over all wasn't even that bad here, supposedly there was hail at my parents place about 4 miles north of our house and there had been hail south of us too. But no hail for us, yeah.

On another note, the Health center lady stopped by to assess juju and see if she was really having any problems. As far as she's concerned, we don't need to be. Juju is just being a late bloomer in the speech dept, but her understanding and hearing seem to be fine. So there. :P

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