Merry Yule

Just taking a moment out of cleaning and cooking to say Hey! and Merry Yule.

We opened one gift each this morning, hubby wrapped mine on the outside, then wrapped again inside the gift and then there were individually wrapped gifts inside. I haven't opened those yet because we were only opening one gift and I had already done two.

C4 picked his sword and sheath made of wood, I got it at fair.
C3 picked her crossbow with dragons on it (its a rubberband style)
C2 picked her horse on a stick
C1 picked her horse on a stick, as well.
Hubby opened his drawing pad and new paintbrushes. I really hope he likes all his other gifts.

Well I have things to do and knitting to get done.

PS Hubby got food poisoning from dinner last night, and Ju and I now have small colds. Good times.

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