I'm still Alive.....

So I'm still around, just been uber busy. After the all the holiday hub-bub, I'm still not done with all my holiday knitting. I got into the cold weather post holiday blues and haven't felt like doing much other than playing my new Nintendo DS and doing a little knitting. I had a birthday come and go, I'm now 27. On the weekends we've been RPGing which has been great fun, we plan to play again on Super Bowl Sunday, since the Packers won't be playing.

This weekend, Saturday, was awesome. I went to an SCA event by myself and had a great time. I bought a new simple tunic dress for $2.00 at a rumble sale and bought T a t-shirt for $10 (I think) and the best thing of all. I got a new card weaving inkle loom from a gentleman that makes them. When I was at the event, I finally after almost a year of carring my loom from gulf wars around, I got someone to show me how to use my loom and how to warp it. Of course, my loom is not as nice as I thought it was going to be, it's falling apart, **tear**, and the gentleman that makes them felt bad for me and gave a much finer piece of equipment. I also learned that the yarn I had purchased for a belt wasn't the best, when I got home it broke right next to the weaving and was unrepairable as far as I know. I may try that yarn again when I've got this whole thing figured out, but until them kitchen cotton and wool-ease should work well, I have tons of both. My next search is for some patterns I know how to read, I have the Card Weaving book by Interweave press but I'm not sure how it works with the loom I have, so I'm going to be asking about that soon, but for now an internet search should find me something simple enough. I very excited, I warped on my own yesterday morning some red and blue kitchen cotton and made a belt by last night. It's a little short for me and T but I'm sure a kid could use it or even a thin adult, but I'm really thinking it might make a great handle for a bag, since the ends aren't real pretty. I don't want to give it away because it's my first official card weaving finished project, so we'll see what happens, pictures soon I promise :D.

Well the tweedles are about to make a huge mess, so see you soon.

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  1. She's alive! (Well actually I knew you were alive, I saw you, but it's nice to "see" you online again).