Tag! I'm It.......for 'Seven Random Things...'

Kristy tagged me.

Rules: The rules are: List 7 random things about yourself. Tag 7 others, direct them to your site to get the rules.

meme - [meem], n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

1. I love Joss Whedon's creativity and sense of humor. I am a major Buffy, Angel, and Serenity/Firefly fan.

2. I would love to go to master's school for a masters in Library Science and Information Systems, but I would love it more if I could get a bigger new home out in the country. (The house is one hubby and I designed on Graph paper.)

3. I'm very insecure about Motherhood, I worry that I'm not any good and that I'm going to royally screw up my kids and they'll hate me forever every day. I love being a mom, but wish some days that I was working too, I haven't not had at least one job from 15 until the twins.

4. I HATE cleaning, in any form, but I do it begrudgingly. In a perfect world I would have a maid.

5. I love giving gifts and having someone love it, it's those little things that make my world go round. At the same time, I worry myself silly thinking they will hate the gift and never really believe that they like it.

6. I love surprises I don't know about. If someone tells me I'm to get a surprise I want to know now so just don't tell me. [Curiosity won't just kill the cat. If you know what I mean.]

7. I don't like doing these meme things because I never know if I'm doing them right and I hate to be boastful of myself. I'm my biggest critic and I usually get it wrong.

I tag G, Rachel, Courtney, J, chris, beadslut, Rachie

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  1. I totally agree about the kids things. It is such a hard job and we can only do our best and hope things work out. I did get a Masters in Library Science about 10 years ago. I enjoyed studying, but felt the field doesn't get anywhere near enough respect, so I won't be reentering it when I can go back to work. So I'd work on the house in the country thing, personally.