Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

I had an interesting weekend, we went to the in-laws on Saturday so that hubby could help put up a patio "cover" it's very open and wood so not really a cover but I'll have to take a pic to show you. The monkeys were pretty good over there so of course on Sunday . . .
Hell broke loose and the monster ran amok. They were into everything and were just being their general brand of naughtiness, now don't get me wrong but when they are up by 8:30 and we couldn't get out of the house until noon. They were actually pretty good at the yarn and wool festival, but they tend to be pretty good when we're out. Ju got to pet some animals and we saw the end of a shearing.

Get this I didn't buy a single thing, I was stunned and I believe in some shock and now regret not buying anything. T said he would buy me a spinning wheel though if I do the research, eee.

Than off to dinner, I chose Acapulco's Mexican, it was good food, HORRIBLE service, T and I are sticklers about service and get very frustrated when things go awry. She was an absolute ding bat, grr. The twins ate pretty good and Se had some beans, and Ju of course didn't eat much, that girl.

Then we ran to the Source so the munchkins could take a bit of a nap, Ju was out, so I just ran in myself, I bought 4 dice for me, 2 for T, two Kabuki comics, and a Knights of the Dinner Table for T. We then stopped at Dunn Bros for some smoothies and Blockbuster for some movies (The Queen and Smokin' Aces). And then home.

The whole days driving was INSANE, we almost had a car accident at the very least 3 times that stand out dramatically, once was super super scary back end of car coming up way to fast, oye. When we arrived home safely, we messed with our again wild children to get to bed, did they fall asleep like good little children, nope, they stayed up until at least eleven being naughty in their room, argh.

So anywho, T wants a "Voyageur" hat like we saw at the festival and of course I'm told no problem finding a pattern, nope no luck so far, so if you know one, otherwise I'll be making something up. We're looking for pre 1600s style. While I researched that, we watched The Queen.

I was disappointed it should have been called Diana, because it was missing the whole part where it's really about you know the Queen. T and I both thought they would show her when she started her reign and the circumstances, how she was in the war, etc, etc. Than I had to wait up for my show to play again at eleven then bed by one for me, T 9.30, I should have followed him. I have a tension headache and need more sleep, but Se decided 7.20 was when we should wake up. So off to take care of the children.

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  1. Glad you had a good mother's day, even if the children were making you crazy.

    By Voyager's hat do you mean the knitted hat that was worn by Voyagers in the 18th c. in America? That's the only thing I can think you mean. You can get a knitting pattern from Smoke and Fire, but it really kinda sucks. I have it if you want to borrow it. It's the pattern at the bottom of this page. http://www.smoke-fire.com/smoke-and-fire-patterns-1.asp

    The knitted Monmouth cap can be dated to the 1500's, possibly the 1400's in England. http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/jennifer/Monmouth.htm There are also surviving knitted and fulled flat caps in Richard Rutt's book from the 16th c.