Test knitting toys.

I've been test knitting again.

Here is an owl I test knit and gifted to my nephew Henry. ^

And an octopus that I test knit and will be gifting to my nephew Jamison. I am making a pink and orange one for his sister Adrianna. ^

I am taking the stuffing from some old, unfixable stuffies, that the kids were intending to get rid of anyway. Reduce, reuse, recycle :D

I also ordered a bunch of Anna Hrachovec books for knitting toys. I plan to knit the older two nieces something as well as my kiddos. There is a really cute couch pattern that I should be able to make to fit for their Monster High Dolls. Among other super cute toys, they are quick and that is nice between knitting dresses and stuff for the kiddos and a super large hat, knit with HUGE needles, to be felted down for the hubby.

Busy, busy.

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