So I have moved jobs. I no longer work for a cold storage but instead work for a bank. The commute is sucky but at least I get home at about the same time everyday.

Kids are doing fine. Ju is in 3rd grade and starting to get that pre-teen-atude. The Tweedles Ro and Ra are in 2nd grade and doing well, still emotional but that is just who they are. The Boy is in 1st grade, he doesn't like it as much as kindergarten because it is harder but he seems to be the most natural academic.

Husband is fully bearded for a long while now, I love it. Didn't think I would at first but it's grown on me. He has lightning streak white hairs in all that dark and I find it very handsome. He is doing well and starting to do more SCA heavy fighting again. I think he really missed it.

We had two dogs at the beginning of the year but unfortunately had to give one away. Boris the cat is getting old and cricks when he walks but he is holding in there. The puppy we kept is named Brutus and he is half lab, half something we don't know but I think is great dane. Pictures hopefully soon to follow.

I'm doing all right. Keeping afloat the best I know how. Work is slow and sometimes tedious but it is work, so I can't really complain. My klutziness is high but what can I do about that other than be more careful around stairs. I am knitting more. Took a couple test knit gigs where I get to keep what I made, I am hoping it will help with the holiday gift giving.

Hopefully more later. I am trying to be more committed to documenting things for the future.

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