I still suck at keeping up lately!

So its been a month exactly since any activity on the blog, not much has happened. We replaced our whole front entryway, that was a lot of money and now we're uber broke. Before that the freezer died so we've been depleted heavily. The kids are growing like weeds and crabby a lot, Ju's summer school just got done. Few weeks free of running her to school in the morning and then it will be busy busy busy again for her. Tweedles are doing twice a week pre-school this fall, and are very excited! They turn the big 4 on Tuesday. My friend Rachie and I got denied opening night of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, we went to 2 different theaters and no one was budging, but in the end it works out for me because that means that Hubby and I get to go together for our anniversary today and we are paying way less because we're going to a matinee. Woot!

I've been doing some knitting, but not anything blog worthy.

Hopefully all of you that have bothered to wait for me so patiently to write something. (You know the one person out there, :P)


  1. Did you enjoy your visit to Hogwarts this afternoon? I enjoyed it immensely and was sad when it was over. I'm always amazed at how fast 2-1/2 hours can go by! Was glad we got there early, since we got nice stadium seats and also got to watch lots of other people try to figure out where to sit!

  2. Hi! Did you two need a freezer still since yours died? Happy anniversary to you!!!

  3. Dawn-I enjoyed HP very much, hubby was a little disappointed but he was expecting more action, I want to see it again to get it more in my head.

    Iri-We replaced the freezer right away, thats why it was such a large expense, it was either replace or fix and that was pretty much the same price, so replace.