Confusion cleared.... + Update

So I figure I should mention that I did a ghost post while I was away at Lilies, I one wanted to try and two thought it wouldn't be a bad idea.

The kids had fun with Bumpa and Mama Tee, they tried camping, went on a boat ride (yes they all had toddler life jackets), came home had more fun at the house then the camper. Also Juju caught a 14" Walleye but if you ask her its the length of her hands and arms as far as the can go, she's already a fisherman with her tall tales.

T and I had a great time, he was sick of camping by the end because he had gone prairie doggen' the weekend before we went to Lilies. So on the Friday before we came home we went to a movie and had a little date. We saw Kung Fu Panda and it was hilarious, I loved it. During the week I learned some hand sewing and took some classes (hey G if I can get a hand out now that would be great) and had an overall good time.

When we got home, we decided to go to a movie a few days later with the girls and my sister watched lil' man at her new apartment. Lets just say he helped baby proof the place. The girls, hubby and I went and saw WALL-E, it was awesome, I loved it and so did the girls. The didn't fidget too much and Rae at the end said "YAY!" during the cute laughable resolution part, she got a laugh of her own for that one. She actually did it twice but she didn't get as big of a response the second time.

Since then the basements been finished, the kids are moved in, I've been trying to organize but failing. I have garb to sew up and hem, kids to talk to about nap time and the word 'quiet' and I've got a fight to break up right now. My weaving is now in knots as of yesterday and the kids are grounded from tv for a week.

All in all it's been a bit crazy and I don't seem to have enough energy to do anything.

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