A long overdue update, maybe I'll have some knitting for the next one....

Well, it has been crazy busy around here. Masters school is taking up most of my time, we have three weddings to attend in the coming weeks. Next weekend is our last weekend without concrete plans for one of the days. Mostly because we can't afford to do anything. The three weekends after that are weddings, good I didn't work Renaissance Faire this year, I guess.

Best girlfriend had her 29th birthday on Sunday, so we took the kids, sans T, to the Renaissance Faire, it was interesting. My bosses there brought me some unprocessed wool, I'm scared to open the bag because its taken all summer to get to me. If it's no good what should I do with it???

T just got done working three weeks of 2nd shift, it has been very trying, especially on my homework time. I have had a hard time getting things done when the kids tend to be their naughtiest in the evening. So studying time is hard when hubby isnt home to help or let me leave.

Ju is in school now, full time kindergarten, she is loving it. Her second day of school she had to get tubes in her ears and missed school but other than that it has been great. Early to get up, but still great. She loves loves loves school and riding the bus and all of it, I truly hope she never loses that love.

Tweedles Ro and Ra are in pre-school twice a week now too They're first day was yesterday and they seemed to have a great time. They both gave me big hugs when they were done, it was awesome. Tomorrow more school for them, hopefully the morning will run smoother than it did this morning. We had a rough start. I'm leaving it at that.

This weekend hopefully we will have some time and motivation to clean the garage, I hope it all works out, the garage needs it and I think we do to. I plan to put a lock on the cupboard today and clean up some of my crafting area, which includes moving some things around from our room down to the basement, we will see if any of it actually gets done.

Just updated the fridge calendar, hopefully that will help keep us organized.

Well that is I think everything for now. Take care to all of you, or at least the one that reads here.